Device and services company build-up for the next update of Microsoft Windows 8 operating system version 4.1 has been leaked online. Already leaked ISOs have been uploaded to many file sharing sites, but in many cases they have been removed. However, some news outlets have also reported on screenshots of the latest build conditions used in Windows 7. These screenshots and reports suggest that although there have been no major changes to the current version of Windows 8.1, several options have been added, including the new multi-tasking features (previously named Metro) of File Explorer and Windows Eight style.

  Some time ago, a new method was used to bring multiple “Metro” apps to a single screen in the experimental build of leaked Windows Blue. And the codename has been changed to “1.0”, breaking several metro apps in this version, which would provide much simpler management.

  Microsoft is paying full attention to the “metro” feature and the cloud

  An improved version of Skydrive was seen in the leaked version of Windows Blue. In this case, computer cameras have options for capturing pictures or videos as well as automatically uploading them to the cloud. But Microsoft is offering a new SkyDrive-logoed “files” app, with its built-in Windows 4.1 whose touchscreen-friendly interface can navigate between documents / documents in the local drive and in the cloud.

  In Windows 7, the new app button is placed at the bottom left of the start screen for the convenience of keyboard and mouse users, so that clicking will bring up the selected software list. The “most used” application filter is quickly added to find the most used applications. It is possible to search in the application or specified area by entering and entering the attraction menu directly. However, in current Windows 7 this feature is only available on the start screen. If you want to search the Charms menu, you must first click on the search icon. In addition, new options for displaying search results from the Internet have been added to 1.3.

  This new update for Windows will allow you to access the Camera app by dragging the device’s lock screen and taking photos quickly and easily. Edge gestures have been discontinued in the new trackpad settings. However, the “boot to desktop” feature is not currently available in the UI.

  The next upgrade to Windows Eight is expected to be available as a public preview next June.


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