The Linux-based “Ubuntu Touch” operating system has been opened for download for smartphone and tablet devices. If you want to differentiate it with Android or other mobile OS, you can try the official experimental public bootable version first. This image was originally created on the codebase of Ubuntu 1.0. The developer team is urging users to continue on the device as soon as possible so that it can be fixed if there is compatibility or any other issues.

  How challenging is it to capture the market for Ubuntu Touch?

  Ubuntu Touch is officially supporting four devices. They are the Nexus 4, Gropper; Galaxy Nexus, Maguro; Nexus 4, Macau and Nexus 4, Menta. Since they are all experimental versions of startups, it is best to be a little careful about doing something important.

  If you want to test Ubuntu Touch via ISO Tracker, you will need an Ubuntu powered computer. You can find instructions for setting up resources here. Be sure to report any potential bugs or problems you’ve noticed.

  So Canonical’s Ubuntu is now going to take place on computers as well as smartphones and tablets. How software competes with Google Android, Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows Phone OS, BlackBerry, and Mozilla Firefox OS in the market remains to be seen.


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