UK-based robotic device manufacturer Touch Bionic has developed a new type of mechanical arm that is controlled using iPhone applications. There are 20 built-in “grip patterns” to perforate them, which can be activated without touching the app on the iPhone screen. These include grip models that are required for most routine tasks, including mouse clicks, pen capture. Apart from this, custom grips can also be made at your convenience.

  The difference between the touch robotics device with the current robotic arm is its usability. Although this tool is quite complex in itself, it is very easy for the user.

  It is impossible to express the feeling of being able to hold your child’s hand after five years: Jason Cougar

  One of Bionic Hand’s customers is Jason Cougar, who lost both his hands in a 21st car accident. Five years later, Mr. Jason is the first human to have both mechanical and controllable hands via a mobile phone.

  Synthetic leather has also been used in Jason’s current joints so that he can work on the iPhone’s capacitive touchscreen without any problems. There are different motors on each finger for independent movement.

  Overall, this discovery of Touch Bionic changed Mr. Jason’s life. But the most important thing for her is to catch her daughter after five years. Yes, he has been unable to do so since the accident due to his injuries. “It has given me the ability to do more than I want to,” says Jason; He said that happiness is more to do with other things than to do small things yourself.

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