Samsung Mobile is reportedly developing a handset between Nokia tablets and smartphones to compete with other “phablet” devices in the market, including the Galaxy Note. At some point this year, Microsoft will update its Windows Phone 7 operating system to support 3G resolution. Nokia, which is very close to Redmond’s mobile, is going to take advantage of it.

  According to a Financial Times report, PureView manufacturer Galaxy Note is working on a similar-sized device. The magazine also says that the new Gazette will include the Lumia series.

  Windows Phone OS and Poorview: Nokia’s Trampcard

  The report predicts the arrival of “more advanced” and lighter Lumia smartphones with the Financial Times phablet. You may have seen the leaked pictures and specifications of Lumia “Catwalk” from an already published post. The FT is probably referring to smartphones with aluminum covers. According to sources, the news agency is demanding that the phone will come on the market by July this year.

  There are also reports in the coming days ahead of the launch of Lumia smartphone with Nokia’s multi-acclaimed 5-megapixel PureView camera technology. Various technology sites are reporting references to anonymous sources with the codename “EOS” of this potential smartphone.

  Today, Nokia will release the latest quarterly financial results in a few hours on 7 April. Let us see how successful Stephen Ellops’ team has been in the new year with the Asha series, Lumia range and Windows Phone OS.


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