With the launch of another new week, Microsoft has also leaked another build of the Windows 8.1 operating system. Although this version has not seen such a big change, a new feature has been revealed. Microsoft has added “Kiosk Mood” to the OS’s PC Settings menu.

  However, kiosk mode can be quite an option for any computer used by more than one person. Because, it locks a PC with a specific Windows 7 application. That is, when the kiosk mode is on, your computer cannot use any function other than a certain software or special function!

  Application lockdown is essentially a “business feature”

  If you want to turn on this feature, you will need to go to the Users section from the PC settings of Windows 3.0. Then, by clicking on the “Lockdown” option at the bottom, any user account can be selected and a specific app can be identified. Here is an option to automatically launch the application as well as login to the account.

  The best place for a kiosk mood would be business establishments where systems such as embedded terminals are required. The facility can be turned on for a limited number of jobs at retail stores so that employees do not spend time unnecessarily. In addition, it can also play an important role in some customer relationship centers. For example, where Windows PCs are provided with free Internet browsing (such as at airports or mobile phone care), it is possible to shut down the computer in only one browser to protect the system.

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  The current official version of Windows 8.1 OS will come as an upgrade to Windows 8. Its public preview is expected to be released in June.


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