Most used web browser Firefox developer Mozilla has launched the “Two Trucks” real time web collaboration service. In Concept’s Mozilla Labs Proof, this tool will allow users of any website to work collaboratively. Two trucks would love to edit a shared document in Google Drive where authorized people from different corners of the world can work online on the same document or object.

  Two trucks can work like skype

  Basically, the two trucks operate with a small amount of JavaScript code that enables writing, messaging, and voice chatting services via WebRTC technology from any site. The trucking site will have a button called “Call to Truck” so users can click to see their profile. From there, it is possible to start chatting or collaborating after sending your unique link to the other person.

  Of course, due to the early stages of the truck, voice calls or audio chats are not fully supported at this time. However, at some point this year, the WebRTC-based feature is expected to be available (at least) on computer and Android versions of Firefox and Chrome.

  By using truck service, businesses will be able to communicate more easily with customer groups. Since it is open source, various customized versions are also likely to come on the market.


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