Software giant Microsoft has started making its new project “Smartwatch”. The news media quoted a recent report in the Wall Street Journal citing a reluctant supply-chain source. The WSJ also claimed that Windows manufacturers have also ordered parts needed for touchscreen smart watches to Asian suppliers.

  If the Wall Street Journal report is true, Microsoft will also be on the list of potential smartwatch manufacturers, after some big companies like Apple, Samsung, LG and Google. In the changing electronic products market, wearable gadgets are being considered the “big device” of the future after smartphones and tablets.

  Changes in Consumer Electronics…

  Web service provider Google has already made a major change in technology with its Smart Glass. As you may already know, Google’s glass is made using sophisticated technology, “Google Glass” will basically have only one glass that will be positioned at right angles to any one eye. Looking at the transparent head-mounted display of this smart glass powered by Android operating system, everything will float before the eyes. This may be Google’s new “hands free” option for your smartphone.

  The WSJ report on the Microsoft smartwatch was released at a time when PC sales rates were falling drastically as Redmond’s flagship weapon. According to IDC research, in the first quarter of this year, PC sales declined by 8.5 percent compared to the same period in 2012, the biggest drop in a quarter so far.

  On the other hand, since Microsoft is not only busy with operating systems, Microsoft is moving the process of implementing its “device and service” model business strategy. Some time ago the company was also reported to be launching a new 7 inch version of its branded Surface tablet. Redmond, however, refrained from making any formal remarks on smartwatches or microscopic surfaces.


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